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KILL YOUR FACEBOOK. Art Trends announces

Discover Wonderful Things aes·thete (ˈesˌTHēt/) noun a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty. Art Trends is committed to the artist experience, and on Jan 1, 2015 we will […]

Dec, 09 · in arts

Art Trends Volume 9 Issue 3 Released

Art Trends magazine is proud to release Volume 9, Issue 3 of Art Trends magazine, with great new features from Gene Kosowan, Alita Rickards, the Art Trends staff, and the dozens of artists we rely […]

Dec, 05 · in arts

Announcing Sound Trends, our new music feature

Art Trends is pleased to introduce a new addition to the editorial staff, former Taipei Times arts and entertainment reporter Alita Rickards. Through a long and distinguished career, Alita has interviewed notable music luminaries such […]

Jun, 06

Art Trends Magazine presents Art in the Park (Allen)

Artists will display their art on the streets of Park Allen, transforming 111 Street into an outdoor gallery and market place, from 65 Ave to 68 Ave. For six hours, 111 st will be closed […]

May, 27

Fabulous street art in downtown Edmonton.

Fabulous street art in downtown Edmonton.

Oct, 24

Art Trends announces Artist of the Year 2013

Artist of the Year 2013 competition will be hosted on September 27 in honour of Alberta Arts Days (now known as Alberta Culture Days). Winners will be announced on September 30 and all will be […]

Aug, 27

The Didsbury Mountain View Arts Festival needs volunteers!

Volunteers with the Mountain View Arts Festival are gearing up for another great celebration of the arts on the weekend of September 13-15. That means they’re now looking for artists and vendors to fill up […]

Jul, 18